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Custom Controls’ Training

To complement our extensive product line Custom Controls offers comprehensive training services. Often we are asked to come up with simple solutions for complex problems; these applications are sometimes even new to us and will require training and practice.

We aren’t satisfied with just selling controls; we want to make sure you are comfortable with the operation and functionality of all components.

Training can be done in-house or at your location depending on the application. We provide technical training for you, your employees, and if necessary your distributors.

We aim to increase your productivity while maintaining a safe working environment.

Repairing Control Equipment

Custom Controls is experienced in repairing HBC and Technord hydraulic, electronic, and radio control equipment. You may not have to purchase a new remote control!

We can save you money by repairing your existing equipment. We do all repair work in-house where we have access to the latest tools and technology necessary for the task. Our in-house repair team maintains the quality and consistency that is lost when this important task is outsourced.

Occasionally it is not possible to do repair work in-house, and we have no problems repairing components in the field.

Our primary concern is getting your project back on its feet and running smoothly. We are willing to go the extra mile to reach that goal.


Featured Case Study

Featured Case Study Falcon Equipment
As the power infrastructure ages, maintaining power lines is becoming more labor intensive and the need for increased productivity and higher levels of safety is ever increasing. BC Hydro required a control system that would be safe to operate in close proximity to high voltage power lines while they are still active... read more »