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Service Bulletin #1

We wanted to take this opportunity to briefly inform you about Warranty details included on HBC radiomatic systems and components. Custom Controls Inc. (CCI) in conjunction with HBC radiomatic offers a limited 3 year warranty on radio systems and components as follows:



Year 1*
HBC radiomatic components and systems are warranted for one (1) year to be free of defects including wear and tear items from the time of commissioning (no later than 3 months after the invoice date).

Year 2*
HBC radiomatic offers a 2 year guarantee on all of its radio control system components (excluding wear and tear items).

Year 3*
HBC radiomatic offers a 3 year guarantee on electronic parts and components, including joysticks.

*Note: For warranty eligibility the complete assembly must be returned to CCI for evaluation. We request customers contact CCI to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to returning any product.

CCI or HBC are not responsible for the cost of labour to diagnose, or costs to install or remove system for warranty purposes. Shipping costs are not included in any stage of the warranty period. On site diagnosis, down time costs or opportunity costs associated with a warranty repair are not covered under warranty. No deviation from the standard warranty terms and conditions will be accepted without prior written approval by CCI.

This warranty is void if the failure is the result of abuse, neglect, incorrect installation, unauthorized repair/modification or accidental damage.

All units are subject to a minimum one hour evaluation fee at our standard shop rate.

We would strongly encourage you to send your systems in for a warranty inspection before the warranty period expires. All standard RMA procedures still apply. Please contact our service department for further information.



As the radio system ages, there can be various underlying issues that while not apparent, can be detected and remedied prior to a failure causing unplanned downtime.

We recommend periodic thorough inspections of the mechanical and electronic components. By taking this preventative measure of scheduling an inspection for the system, one might prevent costly and potential issues in the future.

It is also important to note that spare transmitters and receivers are only available for 10 years after the original system was built.

The age of the system can be identified by the serial number as follows:

How to find a serial no ver 2


The system shown in the picture above was made in 2010. This is the reference system date for all future sales or service requests.

73610 1 0001 /1

736 is the model of radio receiver the system is based on
10 is the year of manufacture, in this case 2010
1 is the location of the factory where the original system was manufactured
00001 is the sequential serial number, odd numbers are transmitters and even numbers are receivers
/1 (not shown in the photo) would indicate a spare or 2nd transmitter or receiver. Each subsequent spare receives the next number /2, /3 etc.

Systems made prior to 2001 follow a slightly different serializing convention; they have a letter designating its year of manufacture  (i.e. 716-H3067 would have been produced in 2000).  The lettering started at “Z”  in 1986, then “Y” in 1987, and finished with “H” in 2000.  All lettered serialized systems are now over 10 years old and not eligible for spare transmitters and receivers although they are still supported through our service department for parts and service as previously mentioned.

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