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FD5 Actuator introduction

We are very excited to introduce our 5th generation line of electro-hydraulic actuators: the MLT-FD5.

The MLT-FD5 electro-hydraulic proportional actuator has been designed to shift a directional control valve spool by either mounting directly to it (FD version) or by means of mechanical linkage (CE-16 version).CE16 Assy

The internal closed loop position control configuration of the actuator makes the valve spool achieve the desired position with a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability unmatched by any of our competitors.

By continuously comparing the desired set-point of a the control device (Potentiometer, Joystick, radio control or …) with the feedback signal generated by a high-precision Hall Effect position transducer we are able to provide a consistent high performance result regardless of outside influences such as temperature or drag induced by linkages etc.

In the real world what this means is that once the values for the stroke of the valve are taught the positioning performance will not change. You will have the comfort in knowing that the movement of the valve spool will always be the same regardless of any other factors.

The FD version uses individually designed adapters to allow a direct installation onto many commonly used manual directional control valves. We currently have adapters available for 30 different models of valves with more being added as the need presents. The CE-16 version allows the installation of the actuator onto a any directional valve controlled through a mechanical link i.e. cross-rods.

This flexibility of installation allows ideal retrofit and/or OEM integration with minimal upfront investment making these actuators an attractive option for equipment manufacturers.FD5 Actuator

The actuators are controllable with either analog inputs or over a CAN-Open or J1939 network in both proportional or on/off variations making them very flexible over a wide range of applications.

A common application for these systems is when retrofitting radio remote control systems to mobile/articulated cranes. When doing this, we typically supply a complete package, including the radio transmitter and receiver, an inlet valve body with safety valves, a wiring harness, along with the actuators and valve adapters. We provide these pre-engineered packages to simplify the installers’ life as much as possible, assembling all necessary components into a tested solution to provide as seamless an installation process as possible.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any application you may have where these may be a suitable option.

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