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Aquaguard Oil Skimmer

Customer Name: Aquaguard Spill Response

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Job Requirements The customer needed to control 2 separate pieces of equipment from a single radio transmitter. The radio control needed to have a 200m range and be able to operate over water.

Job Description This customer is a quick response company responsible for cleaning up oil spills in marine environments. The two main pieces of equipment used in this operation are a skimmer head, and a crane/reel assembly that is attached to the deck of a ship. The skimmer sucks up oil in the surface of the water, and pumps the oil up through the hoses attached to the crane assembly.

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The customer required a remote control capable of operating both the crane, and the skimmer head from 200m away. They also needed a digital display to determine the volume of oil being pumped from the water.

The Result Custom Controls was able to create a custom solution that met all of the customer requirements. This project required ingenuity and technical savvy in order to create a practical solution for this application.

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